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About Me

I was born in Ghana, raised in London, and over the years have grown to love how this city celebrates a vast diversity of culture and art. Ghana on the other hand always brings me back home to my fundamental roots, culture and faith. Both enable me to foster a desire for story telling through my lenses. 


I’ve been heavily influenced by conceptual photography in relation to fashion/brands, people, families and love. I particularly cherish timeless/classic stills with a hint of minimalism, drawing you back to earthy tones, which

can always be taken with you wherever you go.


I Graduated as a Biomedical Scientist and later attained a Post Grad in Education as a  (Biologist)/Science Teacher.

Though my passions seem to be on opposite ends of art and science, I somehow manage to love both, valuing each within my crafts.


Photographing people has enabled me to incorporate aspects of my scientific background by appreciating nature, lighting, people and many more aspects.  I absolutely love telling stories through my lenses, whilst cherishing the memories and emotions captured in the stills to be treasured by the brands, families, or people involved. 


I often look back at my images, some of which have been documented and kept by families and brands. The growth in people always inspires me to capture more memories with others to share, create and reflect upon. I look forward to working with you, producing your very own memories, be it business\personal in a still format, to bring joy and smiles all around.


Love Mae.

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